How Long?

12 Jun

Title : How Long?
Date : A.D. 2008 June 12
Location : Sithalapakkam, Chennai

Today I see the common man suffering due to the lack of common sense in human race. Many of us think humans can accomplish any thing and everything but I doubt it. I wonder weather humans will wonder in their future that they have for all these years laid their foundations of their destruction.

Prices of food, fuel and living space is soaring. Looks like a peasant’s dream of having a good life, will be a dream for ever. ‘There is enough world for every ones need’, said Gandhi , but I ask ‘is there enough world for toomany’s need?’.

The pace of population growth is out numbering proportional technological and intellectual growth. If we go on without population growth restriction we will surely run out of resource.

Hell with Chinese and Indian civilization. After all these millenniums of civilization all they could master is the art of rapid reproduction. No wonder many Indians and Chinese have migrated to the United States, now it stands third in world’s population table.

How long?, For how long? this poor planet and fellow creature population bare this strain we shamelessly cause on them.

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