At Technology Crossroads

28 Jun

Title : At Technology Crossroads
Date : A.D. 2008 June 14
Location : Sithalapakkam,Chennai.

When it comes to technical software solutions, there are more than one way doing a thing. This makes one do a exhaustive research to find right piece/tools to complete a project. For example lets say I want develop a web solution for my client, I have JSP, PHP, Ruby and so on. Each have their own advantage and disadvantage which makes making choice a difficult one.

In a similar fashion, for developing desktop applications I have a choice of GTK, QT, Java and so on. Java is a language well known and quiet popular in India, so I can find programmers to maintain it. But according to me Tamil is not well supported in Java. GTK an QT has good multilingual support and are free software. GTK is C based and QT is C++ based. QT is easier than GTK. But GTKmm which is C++ wrap of GTK is easier than QT, or have I not learned the full specs of Java?

Even deciding he future of my company, I am not sure where to go. Weather to stick to software services or to plunge into adventurous field of robotics? Got to do lot of rethinking an restructuring.

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