31 Jul

Title : Geetha
Date : A.D. 2008 July 31
Location : Sithalapakkam, Chennai.

I must read Bagavat-geetha. Thinking about life, I have come to a conclusion that everything (unfortunately even science) is meaningless. I had loved science so much, but when my trail of thought led me to this conclusion, I was shattered, and still am.

This will not stop me from loving science though. I am hearing that Bagavat-geetha provides a way for the confused mind to come out. I must read it. I must compare it with my version of Buddhism and find truths and flaws in it.

I don’t want to be a Buddhist monk as I had wished before. I cannot agree with any version of Buddhism that exists today. Buddhism is a religion of wisdom, but today most are corrupted with stupid rituals, stories of ghost.

If at all I must be a monk then I must invent my own form of Buddhism, or have I? This Buddhism will have just one member, one monk, one follower, blah blah and I am the one in all. Worst it will recognized only by one person on this planet!

Everything is meaning less, hope Bagavat-geetha will provide a wrapper, just like an operating system wraps over 1’s and 0’s in the computer hard-drive.

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