Incubating Threat

23 Aug

Title : Incubating Threat
Date : A.D. 2008 August 23
Location : Sithalapakkam,Chennai.

NSG fails to nod for clean chit to India.

I fear India will be cheated by developed nations in the nuclear deal. History clearly tells us that all Americans want is to dominate and control planet Earth. To do so they have taken various avatars at various points of time.

I cant believe Manmohan’s government is pushing for this deal. Today many tiny nations have given thumbs down to India’s special status though they know India has never violated a international treaty and will never violate one in future.

The world has ignored India for long and are suffering due to their actions. When India was telling to the world to take action against Pakistan and stop terrorism, the world ignored it, and today terrorism is a major menace.

Today when India seeks its rightful claim for power the world says no. Tomorrow when energy scarcity becomes a major problem they will realize its a mistake. At that time energy scarcity will be a greater threat like terrorism is today.

May God (if exist) give them some brain.

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