Yucky Tragedy

29 Aug

Title : Yucky Tragedy
Date : A.D. 2008 August 29
Location : Sithalapakkam,Chennai.

Bihar is flooded today. Government of Bihar has asked for Rs 1000 Crore as relief, the center has allotted 1010 crore. WOW!. WOW!! WOW!!!. Sonia and Manmohan, flew over Bihar to take an ariel survey, news is flashing in newspapers and TV  channels. Good effort.

When India is at peak, when all goes well, and when government claims good governance, at least 0.6 billion Indians simply don’t have access to toilets. Indian tops the list for non toilet usage on this planet. Its health cost are enormous.

Though we boast of International medical care, cholera and diarrhoea break out in slums on a regular basis. local hospitals simply aren’t equipped to deal with the situation. Where are the politicians gone then? Where are the media? Who is having dinner at top 5 & 7 stars hotels around the planet?

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