03 Sep

Title : Betrayed
Date : A.D. 2008 September 3
Location : Sithalapakkam,Chennai.

You can’t trust a group of bastards, bitches, homosexuals. Manmohan Singh has done it and will pay a price. He has trusted a group of people who say “In God we trust”. In the name of God a man in that group marries a woman, each pledge they will be truthful to one other, and after a year they are split in the name of freedom, their kids face the trauma of divorced parents.

Can any body trust that kind of people just because they happen to be one of the richest on this planet? This group goes invading other nations just for them to be well. They wage war, and defeated enemy is treated worst than an animal in slaughter house. They carry out sexual activity with war prisoners and force prisoners to work as sexual laborers and yet their military men face no trial.

They occupy parts of a tiny nation just because it has found a right way of governance and is not bowing to them. They place unimaginable embargo on that island, hoping it will cripple.

They say today democracy is the way to go and throw out dictators from their positions. When Hamas sweeps into power by democratic means they condemn it! They fund terrorist around the world, and today say that terrorism should be eliminated!

We Indians have along (though unfortunately in the name of religion and non existent God) have developed way to control evolutionary instincts with our
brains, we call that technique ‘culture’. Has the group that we trust for our future energy and economic needs has that ‘culture’?

Should we trust such a group of people just because we get comfortable living.

Vote out Manmohan Singh, Sonia (not all Italian women are mother Teresa), and that bloody dynastic Congress.

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