Am I cultured?

08 Sep

Title : Am I cultured?
Date : A.D. 2008 September 3
Location : Sithalapakkam,Chennai.

Well in blog titled “Betrayed”, I had said culture is the art of controlling evolutionary instincts (for good it must be). A question arises, Am I cultured?

My evolutionary instincts make me go for non-vegetarian diet when given a choice. Its most disgraceful on my part to be a non vegetarian. To enjoy myself a good meal of animal protein knowing that a intelligent system was put to death in pain / against its will.

Will I endure seeing my father, mother, grandparents, relatives being taken away by a superior intelligent force for its good? (well I must endure their demise if I live long enough). Just because something is less intelligent than me gives me a right to live merry at the expense of its demise?

I am uncultured so long as I am a non-vegetarian. I must cut back on my meat intake to do some justice to my conscience. I am sure I will not become a 100% vegetarian unless situation forces me to do so.

Non-vegetarian is too good to taste, gives lot of energy and much needed essential proteins. It is required for the human body. There must be some way to grow meat in lab without killing animals. Perhaps I hope it will happen sooner than late.

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