The third option

29 Sep

Title : The third option
Date : A.D. 2008 September 29
Location : Sithalapakkam,Chennai.

I will seek the right to vote in coming central election. Its not because I believe in this stupid corrupt democracy, but just because I am fed up of DMK and ADMK. Both the major parties in Tamil Nadu are pure fuckers. ADMK ranks #1 in open looting. Its leader consists of a Kannada girl, who cares little about the future of Tamil.

Karunanidhi on the other hand has improved infrastructure of Chennai and other cities. He is a silent looter and is a excellent propagandist. He has truly worked for the upliftment of Tamil, I respect him for that. But take a look at what happened in Madurai which is under his son Azagiri. Sun TV office was attacked, their employees were burnt alive. Today Azagiri has blocked the release of film காதலில் விழுந்தேன்ன், he is doing too much. Law is unable to stop him because his father is in power.

I have decided to vote for Vijayakanth. I don’t say he’s not another fucker. But it just giving a new one a chance to loot and hope that he wont loot as much as others.

The base is corruption is integral part of Incredible Indian society. No politician has got guts to weed it out since he is part of the system.

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