Finding a partner

02 Nov

Title : Finding a partner
Date : A.D. 2008 November 3
Location : Sithalapakkam,Chennai.

Homosexual activist are rising in this nation.One side we have so called culture to be preserved and on other we have personal freedom. Personal freedom is gaining momentum today.

In the past marriages were strictly governed b once guardian or parents, then in a slow way love marriages came into being and is accepted today at-least by broad minded people. Many of these so called broad minded don’t have mind broad enough to accept homosexual partners. Its a pity thing.

I like many do oppose homosexuality and love, but what can be done? One must accept it as it is. How can we interfere in others personal matter’s. Like love been accepted today, homosexuality will surely be accepted tomorrow if this nation is in the right path.

Then another issue may pop up what if one would like to have a Artificial
Intelligent being as his or her partner. Are broad minded people “broad minded”? Human’s come out the myth called love.

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