Coward India

13 Dec

Title : Coward India
Date : A.D. 2008 December 13
Location : Sithalapakkam, Chennai

India, undoubtedly is a coward and weak nation nation. We are responsible for our nation being a coward one. After Mumbai attacks, 100’s gathered on streets in various cities to show their solidarity, but how many of them are really pure?

* How many of them haven’t paid a single paise as bribe?
* How many of the will stop another human paying a bribe?
* How many of them will stop another human doing an unlawful act?
* How many of them wil forget their friends and family and perish their life for cause of our nation the very instant its needed?
* How many of them have not littered the street?
* How many of them put their national devotion over their own comfort?
* How many of them have accomplished tasks without a single recommendation?
* How many of them have paid their tax right?
* How many of them have accumulated wealth with pure work and not have received single present during parties, and other functions?

As tough they are descendants of Raja Harichandran they gathered on the streets, shout slogans against the govment as though they are pristine soul! Fools will be fools for ever. None can change them.

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