Right not to vote

10 Feb

Title: Right not to vote
Date: A.D 2009-02-10
Location: Sithalapakkam, Chennai

The largest corrupt democracy is going to go for the polls. The major parties instead of concentrating on peoples welfare are accusing each other. Someone will win and no matter what’s the result the people will be betrayed.

If the BJP wins, on the name of Hindutva will be a headache to the Minorities, but the nation will get prestige, our terrorist neighbour Pakistan will be dealt in the right way. If congress wins on the name of Muslims and minority rights terrorism and ISI’s actions in India will be encouraged.

Both BJP and Congress sucks. Communist on the other hand have a excellent manifesto, but they are allies with Jayalalitha who has betrayed Tamil people. There are two difference Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi. Jaya betrays Tamil people openly, Karuna does it behind closed doors. Jaya does not follow dynastic politics because she has no family, Karuna is openly dynastic.

All politicians urge people to vote! This is because if majority donot turn up for election, it means that many don’t trust this democracy which has given this nation so many successful criminals. Why should one’s duty as a Indian should vote? If this nation really gives its people freedom, does not one have the freedom not to vote? Why cant there be a button on the election machine that say’s “I don’t trust this bloody democracy?”, why should we all be embraced in comfortable illution rather than to embrace and face uncomfortable facts? Wake up India. Wake up.

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Posted by on February 10, 2009 in Politics


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