Too much and too quick

11 Feb

Title: Too much and too quick
Date: A.D 2009-02-11
Location: Sithalapakkam, Chennai

The Chinese are feeling the heat of economic slowdown. In the year 1929, when the capitalist world faced crisis, USSR stood at the top. The communist culture had protected them from the deep fall. Unfortunately humans don’t like communism, one would like to tell stories of how is greater, richer and powerful than the other, than work in way to help all be equal, and hence the Soviet did fall.

China for long was a Communist, but it had the ambition of being the top nation on this planet, hence it needed money, so it did one thing, it changed to capitalism, changed the Chinese spelling of capitalism to communism and is still a communist republic. This process of Americanization was too much and too quick. When recession struck, it did have to get bruised.

India on thee other hand is a capitalist and a socialist country. Only very few Indians have truly Americanized and hence they did get bruised. Majority of Indians though they want to get converted to Americans thankfully are still Indians. They retain the old ways and methods to survive a capitalistic fall. Some of the well known methods are to invest in gold, post office, government
banks and bonds.

Our economy is not driven by export and is mostly based on internal demand and hence though hit its not bruised. I think we must learn a lot from our past than try to think how green is our neighbour’s pasture, after all our generation past were eating grains from this soil for at-least 5000 years! They had survived and here we are.

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