Death to death

16 Feb

Title: Death to death
Date: A.D 16 February 2009
Location: Sithalapakkam, Chennai

Till today and in near tomorrow all who did say ‘never say die’ will die, but not for long. Humans are busy cracking (and have cracked) life’s secrets. Life and death has been in the hands of religion for a long time. With growth of medicine, it has slowly drifted to science, now with the growth of biotechnology it has become a technology. In other words in future (possibly 50 years from today) we may have no way of dieing naturally!

Think I’m crazy, then these are facts, little over six years ago, scientists started reading the DNA sequence of a Bacteria, today we have read the entire DNA of a human. DNA is like a computer software, our cell is like a computer. Our DNA tells our cell to do what it needs to do.

If that does not sound convincing, what about this one? Scientists have constructed life from scratch. Yes they have built entire DNA of a bacteria without the help of God or Evolution. If they can build a bacteria why cant a human or at-least our body parts? In future if one has a organ failure, all he needs to do is to give few millilitres of blood, he would get a phone call from
hospital saying that his new organ is ready, he walks into the hospital, his doctor removes the old one and puts new one in, very similar to repairing a auto-mobile or computer.

With this process age can be reversed, you can stay at a desired age for ages and possibly choose never to die. Well, I hope politics and religion does not interfere with this new prospect to human kind and life.

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