The reservation issue

23 Mar

There is a demand in this nation by talented students in the IIT’s and IIM’s and other reputed institutions that there must be no reservations. I totally agree with them, how come one get a reservation based upon his birth? All are equal at birth, none can deny it.

In the same way I appose reserving scholarships for talented people. A guy or girl is born talented, just because one is born talented should we reserve a part of tax payers money for them? If the person is so talented why can’t he or she come up on his own? Say that the student is talented and is born into a poor family, I still feel based on ‘no reservation logic’,the poor guy should enjoy no scholarship (reservation of taxpayers money). Its the poor guys dad and moms fault of being poor. If they had worked hard and had become rich they would have paid tax to the nation and made our country progress.

So I ask all students studying in reputed institutes and enjoying scholarship, please drop out as there must be no reservations based on caste, talent or any other parameter.

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