Logic behind European lifestyle

25 Mar

Bharathiyar (பாரதியார்) said that we must translate good books in other language to Tamil. No civilization is perfect, each have flaws and perfections in them. A good civilization learns the good of others and keeps away the bad influence. We need to copy and emulate good things in other civilization, and to an extent we have done it.

We have democracy in a land where there were Kings, Queens and Prince and Princess roamed about and waged wars (still today we are foolish enough to fight and kill each other for almost nothing). We have a excellent railway system which turns out to be the worlds largest employer! We have a telephone system connecting people to outside world, and I use that very same communication system to post my blogs on WordPress. Our toilet habits have changed for good (still 50% of Indians don’t use toilets. Well our government is corrupt enough to ensure this trend continues for ages to come). We have running water that comes via pipes (at the least to the privileged). We have enviable space program that could one day be the best ever created by humanity. So our civilization has done good in copying the good things that other civilizations have done. Or have we?

When I was studying in Panimalar Engineering college, we were almost forced to wear shoes. Many companies force their sales person to wear ties (even if they have to operate in hot cities like Chennai). Many executives force them self to wear a coat just because people in similar ranks were it. We have got so many good things by following Europeans, and hence the dress code they follow must also be perfect and we must follow it.

Well European dress is perfect in these situations. Europe is a cold country. Human body is more adapted to survive heat than cold. The proof of it? Goto the Kalahari desert and you will find the bushmen there almost naked. In Europe its not the case. When human body is exposed to cold, being warm blooded we lose heat rapidly and possibly unconsciousness and death may follow. Elements of European dress are designed to minimise heat loss.

The coat and the full trousers: Europeans wear coat and full trousers, so that it minimizes heat loss from body and legs. Coat is very vital because if the main body loses heat it might affect organs like heart and lungs. These organs should not get cold if you wish to live.

The tie and the cap: Most of the heat lost from the human body (70% of it) is from the neck and head. A tie, ties your shirt tight to your neck so that cold air doesn’t pick up too much heat away. In a similar way the cap or hat prevents heat loss from scalp.

The shoe: Heat can be lost from the foot as it contacts the ground. This loss could be significant and hence there must be protection for it too, hence they uses fully covered shoes. The shoes must fit in a way that cold air and possibly snow and rain water don’t enter easily and hence it must hold tight to your feet and hence lace was used. Further to prevent heat loss they used socks made of insulating material.

So if you are boss who advices your employee to wear European style clothing elements, or if you do wear one for the sake of wearing,  just try to tight your nut and train our self to be rational and ask ‘When? Where? Why? and How?’, than just be blind and follow a thing like a dummy.

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