Not for DMK this time

30 Mar

If I did vote this time, it wouldn’t be for the DMK. There are primary differences between DMK and ADMK. ADMK loots, they loot in a way every body knows about it and when the government changes they suffer the consequence. DMK on the other hand loot. Somehow they are able to cover it up well and hence if the power shifts in state they suffer less.

AIADMK  is one woman party, and has no thinkers in it. DMK on the other hand is one family party and only that family can think and execute. if someone else thinks and questions they are doomed.

The performance of DMK at the center is pity. You have this good performing Dayanadhi maran, but this Azagiri got angry with him and sunbed him off the ministry and in entered A.R.Raja who made a loss of 25,000 crores to this nation. Who knows how much has he gained from it? You have this T.R. Baalu, who doesn’t even seem to be aware that he is a minister. He goes accusing supreme court Judges and Lawyers. I think he drinks a lot and that’s why his neurons are dead.

So who I am going to vote too.  No way for that Jaya, if she comes to power who knows how many basses will burn? Possibly for the rising star Vijayakanth. He may not be a lesser corrupt, but why can’t we give him a new chance?

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Posted by on March 30, 2009 in Politics


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