How recession saved Google

10 Apr

Like Microsoft that was before Linux, today Google stands tall. It’s main business is search. By aggressively hiring the best talent, Google has emerged as one of the best software giants. Its has an online office suite called Google Docs, has released a web browser named chrome, has created a mobile phone operating system called Android, created Google Web Toolkit with which one can build web ap’s, the list goes on and on.

Just when it seemed invincible it received a jolt. Jimmy Whales, the founder of Wikipedia boldly launched a free search called Wikia Search. Its a combined power of wiki and search. The search engine searched and displayed results. If you feel the results need to be altered you can do it. I tried it out and was so impressed that I created this picture and posted it on my Orkut.

Making freedom merge with search

Making freedom merge with search

Being an atheist, I was sure Google was doomed. Even if God did exist he must have saved Wikia Search because its there where one of the final frontiers of freedom exists. Just when I was sure Wikia would emerge triumphant over secretive Google which hides its algorithm, never makes people know how it ranks page, the recession struck. I still didn’t have a clue that it will affect wikia, until one day I got a mail saying that Jimmy Whales decided to scrap wikia search due to the fact that its not making enough money.

It was a death blow to patriots of free software like me. I couldn’t get sleep that night. I mailed to A, B ,C that I can give some of the server space I have, but all in vain. Wikia search is dying now, and will soon disappear. But it did jolt Google. Google was literally struck by a lightning bolt. Like all lightning wikia came, jolted and disappeared. When will there be storm clouds of freedom again?

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Posted by on April 10, 2009 in Free Software


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