UPA violates election rules

13 Apr

Just yesterday I was seeing news on கலைஞர் T.V. In it they said its not legal for marriage halls to be booked by political parties, today just when I was traveling in Medavakkam, I saw a marriage hall named G.R திருமண மண்டபம் or மாளிகை, being occupied by  UPA parties. Huge Sonia’s and Karunanidhi’s circular cutout was kept. It was jam packed. Who knows what was happening inside. Crores of rupees could have been transferred. Voters could have been rigged.

I wonder when will political class will have a bit of decency and be honesty? Perhaps we Indians must wait another 1000 years! OK to those who ask ‘why cant I do something about it?’, here is the answer, I can do things to clean up the mess Indians have created for 60 yers, it will place my life and property at risk. If you could guarantee that nothing will happen to me and I will be economically and socially secure, I don’t mind cleaning up the society.

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Posted by on April 13, 2009 in Politics


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