An unneeded protest

24 Apr

The total shutdown (or bundh as its called here) yesterday on the issue of Sri Lankan Tamils was totally unneeded. DMK surely want to rake up something and get mileage. DMK must know that most Tamilians prefer to sacrifice their mother language and brothers for a comfortable living.

First it was said that it would be a partial bandh, it was said that only willing people need to participate in it. But here at Sithalapakkam there have emerged reports that some shop keepers have been threatened to support this shutdown. No wonder in a state where most parties are run by rowdies this is common.

I wonder what this bundh has achieved. It had bought confusion to many. Many found them-self stranded. Public transport was shut down, hotels did not function, many shops remained closed. The truth is this stuff was forced upon people. A display of DMK’s rowdy might. Nothing else. I wish the people will wake up and teach DMK as well as AIADMK a good lesson.

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Posted by on April 24, 2009 in Politics


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