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28 Apr

In a recent research using computers for statistical analysis (see THE  HINDU 27-04-2008), shows that that the Indus and Harappan is a linguistic script and not a picto-graphic one. It matches old Tamil to a very close extent. This is a victory for pro Dravidian scholars who have argued that Tamilians are the first ones to settle in Indian subcontinent.

This analysis makes Tamil the oldest surviving language in India. It strengthens the theory that Dravidians were driven south by arrival of Aryans, who are none but the Germans. There are many Hindu groups in India who see Muslims as  Invaders. Now it appears that the people of Hinduism are no different from Muslims.

India still stands to the Tamilian Ubuntu philosophy of  ‘வந்தாரை வாழவைக்கும் நாடு’.  Truly India has has accepted any one  who came and wished to live here. We have welcomed the Aryans from Germany and their Hinduism. Welcomed Alexander and his men from Greece. The Moguls and Muslims. India is truly Tamilian indeed.

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