Swadesh the movie

02 May

Saw the movie Swadesh yesterday, to say the truth the movie was excellent. It has a core which is kept intact to the last moment. Unlike most Indian movies which makes a man and a woman’s personal love override the concept of the movie, this move preserves its kernel.

It has a love track that runs between the hero and heroine, but its been kept within limit and not obstruct the movies soul. Excellent.

I am not a person who entertain movies, that too Indian movies. I am mad about Mel Gibson, but you know how his movies are different from those that are Indian. Swadesh is different and its a movie that must be translated to all Indian languages and seen by all Indians and NRI’s.

I was taken aback by the heroine. I am not fond of girls. I believe that a man must stay away from wine, women and wealth. In this movie the heroine has something that even Aishwaria Rai does not have. I can’t explain what it is. Her character is of a girl I idealized. She is beautiful, intelligent, good at math, she supports free eduction to all (one thing I would love this country to have), she loves India. she seems to have same nationalistic characters that I do. I don’t have enough words to describe her. It is like looking straight into the eyes of goddess Saraswathi. If such a girl peeps into my life…. cool!

I wonder where they found her, I hope she has the same characteristics like the one shown in a movie. I would be sad if she behaves like all other actress in her life. Looks like the director of this movie seems to have same brain and nationalistic feeling as I do.

To be more honest, more than the core concept, my soul was robbed by the heroine. I can say a another million words about her… but whats the use of my feelings?

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