Total wipe out

13 May

Was seeing a stunning report on BBC. It said 50% of coral reefs had been wiped out,the rest will surely be wiped out soon. So what does it mean. The honest answer is we humans are conducting a genocide against fellow species. The corals hold literally 100’s of varieties of marine species. It’s more than rain forest and we are wiping it knowingly or unknowingly.

What impact it could have on humans? Simple, there is good chance that many people would loose their food security. Fish is an important part of  global diet. Millions of humans live along sea cost, in several cultures fish is a staple. Once marine ecosystem is extinguished, these communities will turn on to other types of food. Food will become scarce, price will rise, poor will die.

I think fish will become a luxury food within a decade. It will be only affordable by the super rich.

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