Thunder storm @ Sithalapakkam

16 May

It was the thunderstorm that hit us last night. Waking up now, its really hard to believe what had happened. All started as a drizzle, then clouds rolled above our home. We were happy that we were getting a temporary break from the sweltering summer. Rain lashed in a instant, the thunder and lightning started, it grew and grew, both in intensity and duration.

From my timing some struck less than 100  meters away from my home. In two instances when the intensity was peak we heard something falling or clicking in our home. Possibly the main circuit breaker switched off to prevent high amph current by lightning entering our home circuit.

It wasn’t a pleasant moment indeed. Possibly, the lightning did strike our home, but had caused no damage, or it had struck the neighbouring low tension power lines, that runs above our street. Though the curtains were drawn, the flashes were intense and it occurred in variety of colors (red, orange and white).

The fact that our electrical appliances could be roasted any instant did not make us comfortable, and there was a fear that some how lightning could breach the wall and crack your skull open. We were virtually engulfed in lightning. Powerless in a powerful force.

If man had mastered the art of tapping into atmospheric electricity, I think these lightning would have powered our homes for months, perhaps years. If all homes in Sithalapakkam had lightning arresters, the affair wouldn’t have been so intense and foolishly frightening indeed.

The lessons were learnt. While in home there is a good chance of surviving a thunder storm by waiting it pass. A check now has revealed there are no damages. Lucky perhaps.

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