Tamilian cause will continue

19 May

The Lankan forces might have defeated the LTTE militarily, but this does not signal the end of Tamilian cause. A dream for independent sovereign Tamilian Eelam is fresh in the mind, runs in our blood and veins and throbs in our heart every second.

Every true Tamilian desires to have a separate country where he is not regarded as a second citizen and abused by the Singala, where his temples aren’t destroyed by the Malaysian police, where his language not is rejected and English is been adopted by greedy Indians.

Tamilians and Tamil must thrive on this planet, and it could thrive only if we have a Independent nation. If Indians can thrive only by achieving Independence from the Brits, why shouldn’t Tamilains have their own land.

All over this planet Tamilians are abused, their language and superior culture systematically destroyed. Many Tamilians don’t know how to read and write in Tamil. Some don’t know to speak in perfect Tamil. Worst still, some are proud of saying ‘I don’t know Tamil’. Well perhaps if they get chance to to sell of their moms, they may do it without hesitation.

I am a Tamil, I was educated in English, far worst all scientific text which I have read are in English. Science and Technology are today’s religion, they are manifestation of truth. A civilization, that’s superior scientifically has great chance of survival. There must be a movement in which great scientific works must be translated to Tamil. Tamilian numbering system is extinct. I was thought by my grandfather on how to do math in Tamil, now I had forgotten it, and none seems to know about it.

If you ask ‘why Tamil? Can’t the world function without it?’ , I ask you ‘why you exist? Can’t the world function without you or your loved ones? ‘


Posted by on May 19, 2009 in Politics, Tamil


2 responses to “Tamilian cause will continue

  1. Sylvia Bennett

    May 19, 2009 at 3:24 AM

    Does that mean you are going to continue to bomb hospitals and schools, continue your cowardly slaughter of tens of thousands of innocents. Continue to kidnap children and use them as child soldiers. Continue your terrorist campaign in Sydney, breaking into homes, and maiming young people as they sleep?

    The so called “activism” of people like Sam Pari in Sydney does nothing but spread hate and violence, where peace and a at least a chance of understanding once stood.

    She should take indirect responsibility for the horrible maiming of those 2 boys on Sunday evening, and you, Sir must stop being a victim, and choose another method of resolving differences with your fellow man.

    • karthikeyanblogs

      May 20, 2009 at 7:47 AM

      Far worst, I will fight against Lanka with truth. If they have committed a sin, they will be defenseless or they must get rid of me. Possibly like Athenians put an diplomatic end to Socrates.


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