DMK’s big fuss

24 May

DMK was instrumental in reviving congress in Tamil Nadu. It has always stuck to the coalition dharma. No matter in which alliance it was it has stood by and made it sure it last as long as it lasts. Its because of DMK Vajpyee ruled a full term of 5 yers and so did Manmohan.

In the last Manmohan goverment, we all know that Raja and T.R.Baalu did loot the nation and did not discharge their duties well. In short they were tainted. The congress having secured many seats than expected, Manmohan has taken this opportunity to flex his muscle.

We the people of India had no option but to cope up with corruption. We were helpless, those commoners who did register their voice saw suffering for them and their loved ones. We finally have a Prime minister who really tries to weeds out corruption from politics. I think DMK must acknowledge it and must support the government from outside. Its shameful of them demanding cabinet births. They must see their past record.

Dyananidhi Maaran was taken out of his telecom sector because his brother  Kalanithi Maaran and son of Karunadhi, Mr. Azhagiri had a brawl. Azhagiri went to an extent of attacking SUN TV’s Madurai office and burned three people alive. Yet he is free and well, the law hasn’t touched him. Such a person will get a ministerial berth if DMK pushes forward.

Raja looted 25,000 crores from the nation in spectrum allocation scam. Who knows where the money is? The law as usual has turned a blined eye towards DMK. One need not be told about T.R.Baalu, a veteran looter. Once while having a conversation with journalist he didn’t even know what to talk. He was totally unaware of truckers strike which was going on for three months then. His seceratary could do nothing must to cover-up his laughter as Baalu answered journalists queries.

The peoples verdict is OK I think. If it was Jayalalithas men, it would have been lot worst. I thought people would vote for Vijayakanth so that we could see oth DMk and ADMK people going to jail. So lets see. It will be hard for Manmohan to succeed. He is paddling on a boat, his boat is navigatng a sea of sewage. It will be hard to reach the shore clean.

I think DMK should stop making fuss and must settle with supporting the Congress government from outside.

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Posted by on May 24, 2009 in Politics


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