Microsoft merging with Open Source

25 May

Its becoming clear to Microsoft that it cannot beat the Open Source community. It has tried hard to derail Linux and other projects, its has been successful in some attempts, now it looks it can’t win, so it has decided to merge with open source.

Welcome to Open Source community. Microsoft may see the free software movement as its enemy, but free software assumes all are its friends. Any one can use free software whenever, where ever and however they want. By using free software Microsoft can cut its infrastructure cost, it could achieve the same goal with hundreds of people what would otherwise take 1000’s in a proprietary development. This would drastically cut the cost of Microsoft software and may put it into high profit mode once again.

There is a note of caution however, Microsoft could embrace, extend and patent open source or free software project thus trapping us all. After all, all these years it has strived to destroy the open source community. So if you are developing an free software application always use GPL V3 license as it would prevent your project from being hijacked by others.

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Posted by on May 25, 2009 in Free Software


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