Get anything free on your computer

28 May

Well if I say ‘anything is free’, I don’t mean you can get a free dish of briyani from your machine. I mean to say you can get any software, video, music and ebooks. This website is awesome. Its run by a determined group of people who appose software copyrights.

If such a website is run by an other group, it would have been shut down and penalized for its action. Its one thing to have a technical infrastructure to override copyright, but what is needs most is bravery. The people who run pirate bay are extremely brave. To get a taste of it goto their documentation of legal threats , and see their replies too.

The thing is simple, software cannot be copyrighted. Even if done so it cannot be implemented 100%. I buy a software from Microsoft or Apple or from a movie production house. I own the piece of data I buy, I must have all rights over it!

As long as pirate bay exists, the rights of a human will be served right. Please support it.

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