Cho’s ignorance revealed in எங்கே பிராமனன்

31 May

Cho Ramasamy is a great man who deserves great respect. Yet I feel he sticking to religious beliefs has made him ignorant. I have heard of the T.V serial எங்கே  பிராமனன். It was a best selling book, and now has been made into a T.V serial.  In the serial a miracle happens, a man appears in two places at the same time. At that point Cho intervenes, he says such things are possible , he questions how science could say all that happens is because of nature? He says if some thing such complex and miraculous happens it because some one is making it to happen.

Well not so long before Benjamin Franklin, lightning was a miracle. Not so long before Columbus the earth was flat. Not before Newton and Galileo, it was impossible for people to stand upon earth that was round as ball. Not so long before modern medical science birth was miracle, death was miracle and even living long and healthy was considered to have Divine intervention. Even today we don’t understand how bees flies. in fact a bunch of aeronautical engineers proved that bees cant fly. It not justifiable to say some force or god exists just because we are unable to understand nature 100%.

In an example Cho say’s, ‘if you happen to win a running race with me, its not because that you had trained well, it could be because I trained badly’. He asks the questioner ‘why he trained badly? what was the reason?’ , well Mr.Cho must read a book or two or learn about Chaos Theory. Cho says he was once on a trip to meet a sage, his mouth as usual questioned the action of the sage which he felt was not right. At the meeting, the sage looked at Cho and said “so you must know why I did that?”,  Cho says he trembled and thought of slippingg away from the lecture hall. Cho asks  ‘how the sage knew?’, all around him were people known to him. Well, I remember an incident. During 11th standard we went on a trip to Ooty, I passed a comment about our math master to my friends who I could trust, that very evening math master knew about my comment. So does he have magical powers too? Well, Mr.Cho, walls do have ears! I hope Cho learns to think rationally.

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