Sucide in St.Joseph Engineering college

09 Jun

Looks like the suicide of a student in St.Joseph Engineering College has gone silent. A student was harassed by the college management to his death. Yet JPR the college chairman is still out, alive and well. The student protests have borne no fruit. Justice has been quenched by power and wealth.

Read this article :

So what can we do to turn the tide here are some tips

Talk about evil

The institutions created by Jeppiar are not good for students. How do I know? I studied in it and found those years being most un-productive in my life. The mental torture given to students is as equivalent or perhaps more than a torture given to woman by a drunk husband. If you are student who has suffered there, talk about your experience. Tell others how they deceive their evil with mid day lunch and bus travel and get away. Tell parents that they are risking the students life by admitting them in a JPR-ian institution.

Do not Join JPR Institutions

If you are student who completed your schooling, do not join JPR institutions which are listed below

  1. Satyabama university
  2. St.Joseph Engineering college
  3. SRR Engineering College
  4. Mamallan Engineering College
  5. Jeppiar Engineering college
  6. Panimalar Engineering college
  7. Panimalar Polytechnic

These colleges are no good. For heaven sake don’t. You may repent for your action

Have no greed

Most join technical course due to some element of greed. They want good money, or they want a better life or both. Engineering, management and technology are studies and disciplines. I wonder why people try to make money out of it. Trading your skills for money is no evil, but acquiring skills with a eye on money is next to useless. Engineering is a discipline that you must enjoy. Its a blend of mathematics and reality. So do enter into a technical course if ou enjoy it and not for money.

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11 responses to “Sucide in St.Joseph Engineering college

  1. kartik Kannan

    June 9, 2009 at 12:49 PM

    Add Vel Tech to ur list

  2. sundar

    June 14, 2009 at 2:41 AM

    This is aimed for those to create awareness who intend to join or atleast think to join in this college situated in the old mahabalipuram road,chennai

    This is similar to the appointment order.[ in real sense ] (will not be given to you).

    This is written by the experience shared by the people who worked in this college sl 5.

    Few samples are hereunder:

    1. The first thing you have to do is to accept yourself as slave to the director, the son in law of the chancellor in the university next to the college
    2. You will loose the right to speak or comment anything outside the class, even if it is related to academics. You are monitored using camera, and spys named in-charges.
    3. You should not think about the position you have, “ You would be tamed make you spell that you are yet another person to work”
    4. You should learn to say , the golden words “ yes sir, sorry sir, and thank you sir” and never no sir to the in -charges [ you will be introduced who they are]
    5. Year in charge, the supremo of the college, [he thinks like that and also made to think like that] is the communicating person to the director.
    Block in charge the person who will stand outside the class and takes care [???!!!] of the class.

    Most importantly remember there is no head of the department, just the staff co coordinator, even then he will be a communicator with zero powers to exhibit.

    6. you will not be permitted to take leave / permission, even if you require that you need to get the signatures from your colleagues for alternate arrangement, year in charge, the supremo, the principal [ whose signature in not of much value], and the director, [ any body left ??? ]
    7. You should understand the promotions and increments, the award for best teacher ([use of nothing] as you can’t find any of them working there after a year) are not based on the work you perform, but the way you deal with the in charges and the directors.
    8. you need to bear that an open statement from the director in singular “ evanukkum [ note evanukkum ] promotions kidayathu” [ nobody will be given promotions ], without a single word of appreciation on the day to announce and congratulate the staff who worked till 9 pm from morning 8 am for the college to get accredited.
    9. Prepare yourself to nod your head vertically and never horizontally, the director never likes people who answer his questions.
    10. You should always take atmost care to always praise the decision and never critise the management
    11. you should prepare yourself that you could never meet your appointments for travel as the management always has the habit of announcing the working days /holidays only on the previous day the last minute. If you think they will give a circular to announce you are mistaken, you have to make a phone call to confirm
    12. You should convince your family members that they should be always prepared to manage the activities shows without you as you will be busy in conducting special class for the students for two extra hours with no additional cost
    13. Expect that you will be sacrificing your staturdays with unworthy classes named special classes to train the students [ neither the student nor the staff are really interested ]
    14. Your work load is based on the hours you are left free maximum of 6 hours per week… the real fact.. you may have regular class, weak student class in the evening 3pm to 5 pm, spl class to the students during lab hours, Saturday special class , and so on..
    15. Is your role over no… you need to take additional work as a councellor ( yenna sholinganallur ward councellora ??) . all you need is to prepare and maintain special records about students [ jaathagam edavathu vaanganuma ?? ] except the horoscope, get the students,parents photos,send mailers,make phone calls and intimate the people about the class test performance , absentism etc…
    16. Are your responsibilities over oh no.. you may be given additional work like, industrial visit arrangement, analyse the results of unit /mid semester ,model exams and university exams and give them the data immediately on the date of announcement of results or you may be give the responsibility of maintaining the department library books or organize the guest lectures for the students,or co ordinate as the placement officer [ drag the hr ,convince to give offer letters],
    17. you should never frustrate to maintain the data/record atleast five times.
    [ councellor note,log note,diary,computer, etc ]
    18. You will not be permitted to bring or use your cellphones
    19. you will not be permitted to bring your own food and have it at your place..[ thank god atleast now I understood that management has allotted a place for me to retire/rest..] Sorry you are mistaken you will never told by anybody to have a place .you have to find places to keep your things and sit to prepare.
    20. you will be allowed to improve your studied only at the prestigious sahayabama university adjacent to the college and nowhere in the world
    21. You need to prepare your brain to answer questions like “ why is the student absent “?, why is he underperforming ?, why is he not placed?, did not shave ?[ not a joke, you need to monitor] etc every week.
    22. If you are in the habit of wearing checked or colored shirts you are in deep trouble you will be ordered to buy ten new clothes at your cost.
    23. You have to understand that no contributions would be made by the management for the provident fund.
    24. The management deserves the right to ask a full year notice period to resign but you will be sacked immediately for which the reasons will not be disclosed.
    25. You should always remember that the certificates you surrender are the biggest hold for the management, for which you will not be given any proof to claim
    26. Know the history of the college.. there was a case where a faculty was threatened for stealing cash as he was resigning the position during the academic period. Another person was accompanied by the office bearer till security gate to resign on the day the director wanted him to quit.
    27. You would never motivatd, encouraged, but many times you would be scolded in the meeting harassed and threatened in the presence of people.
    28. You need to know that if you require to meet the director you have to stand [no chairs available] for atleast half an hour in the corridor and only if he comes out you can see him and discuss..[ kadavul maathiriyo ??]. He never likes people to enter his room and never offer seats, including the principal.
    29. You will not be permitted to use your foot wear inside the lab, library.[ deivama madikiranaga pola ].. but the directors use it.. [ puriyalaye ].
    30. A final word.. you will be given food and transport at no additional cost [ vera yedavathu kudukanuma yenna ellame poche …] enjoy working in this heaven..
    In short it is the ever best place where you can work and have good earning.

  3. cyber

    August 12, 2009 at 1:46 PM

    nice articles…

  4. artgurus

    August 13, 2009 at 3:12 AM

    nice article and i like to read more..

  5. Parthiban

    September 29, 2009 at 6:12 PM

    nice one but people join there without knowing, they know only that it is famous and jpr is in head so its a good college. they dont know what is happening inside. The best i recommend is go abroad or to good colleges at bangalore. Dont see the money!

  6. Parthiban

    September 29, 2009 at 6:13 PM

    i am also a student from one of the colleges above.

  7. Anand George

    December 21, 2009 at 4:38 PM

    Nice articles and i would also like to read more…

  8. darknight

    November 5, 2010 at 4:23 PM

    please dont join these colleges.this terrible psychological disease is spreading to other colleges in tamilnadu.parents please dont encourage them.

  9. ramya

    February 12, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    thank you guys for sharing your experience. truly these colleges are ruled by gundaas and rowdies which is headed by big Dada (J.PEEEE (shit).R)

  10. Arun De Robie

    August 4, 2011 at 8:19 AM

    s.i also agree to this.many college students whom i knew had already said abt ly i hav joined rec other than this friends dont join that following institutions.te above listed r true.


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