Bye bye Ruby on Rails

24 Jun

When I first saw PHP, I felt it was “the language for web development”. It was too perfect, I could learn it easily, break my pages into modules and include it using the include function, connect with MySQL database, its perfect and works well with Ajax, nothing seemed to challenge it. JSP and ASP.Net never came close to PHP’s web designing powers. Just then Ruby on came in. Rails is a web framework that is written in Ruby. With Rails you could create webpages faster than it would take in PHP. I was designing a mission critical application when I was hit by this dilemma of weather to use good old PHP or switch to the new sizzling model Ruby on Rails.

To know rails and to dive deep into it, the learning curve was huge. I have to learn ruby then rails. In-fact I never really got started with Rails, but its power kept me nagging me. Just then the PHP community struck back and perhaps with a vengeance. Rails is a well planned framework, no doubt about it, but PHP developers were not willing to shred their old love and  spend time with this Ruby girl with sizziling lips, so PHP developers created Akelos and PHPonTrack.

I haven’t gone through PHPonTrack, but Akelos is PHP port of Ruby on Rails(RoR)! WOW!. You can have all features RoR on Akelos, and it can be hosted on cheap PHP server and no need for one to scramble for Ruby host. I wonder what will happen to JRuby (Ruby written in Java). With JRuby you can write Ruby webapp and host it on Java server. Looks like Sun had lot of hope on JRuby that they even made it a priority course on

When Akelos ( ) takes shape, I wonder what will happen to companies that have jumped to RoR. All these companies would have flashed their new model RoR before their clients and would have claimed of creating a kick ass web app. When you can do it with PHP base! They must be screaming ‘No GOD!’ right now.

PHP is an elephant, it takes time for it to stand, but when it stands it stands. So lets see what challenge lies ahead for mighty PHP.


Posted by on June 24, 2009 in Free Software, Web Tech


2 responses to “Bye bye Ruby on Rails

  1. karthikeyanblogs

    February 5, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    I have changed my mind, now I am favoring Rails.


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