Nasreen Fathima – the greatest teacher I have seen

03 Jul

Sometimes even in most hellish times you get an angel that will save you.

Today morning I had a dream, in it I was in the ECE class of Panimalar Engineering College, Nazreen Fathima mam was there, she didn’t teach but was there. A kind of annual day like situation, where people who are dancing and in plays go ff and class is left with those who are non participants. She came to my bench to talk some thing to me but did not speak. I wish I had talked to her.

I was happy to see her again, at-least in my dreams this time. In my heart I hold her in high esteem, equivalent to my mom, She is a great teacher, all teachers shell out what’s on their mind to students, whereas Nasreen mam shelled out what’s in her heart. I have no doubt that she was genuinely concerned about us.

There was surely a kind of bonding of soul between me and her. Se had above average concern for me. It was the first internal college exam and I had failed in electronics (Basic Electronics paper) I presume. We need to attend special class. I desperately wanted to avoid these classes. Failures were summoned to the class front by mam, she looked at and said ‘I don’t think you need special classes, you can manage on your own’. The next exam I got the second highest marks in basic electronics paper.

I can’t forget her, I can’t forget her getting the best teacher award, I cant forget her speech she gave at that time, she said “its your love, love and only love… that has made me get this award”. I know she loves all her students. We too love you mam.

There were rumours that she was going to leave the college. I never thought it was true. In the last days her face was not good, her smile was gone, then she was gone. I couldn’t believe time could be so cruel. She never told about her leaving college. The last time I saw her is few months after she left, she was pacing up and down the administrative corridor, talking to Rajamani. Possibly she came to collect her certificates. She looked happy then and was smiling.

The last gossip I herd of her was that she was in australia, or in some arab state, married to some one.
I just hope some miracle happens that I will be able to meet her again to say thanks a lot. I hope she still teaches, inspires students to dream and achieve. May where ever she be, may she be happy.

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