Complete Web Development System

31 Jul

Got a mail from NetBeans Web Master. It said that Java FX development enviornment is now integrated with NetBeans IDE. Wow! So I now get a complete web development system under one IDE. I can develop webpages with server scripting languages like PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails. I can write client side scripts using Javascripts, and dynamic content with Ajax and JavaFx. I wonder what more do I need?

What about a Wysiwyg webpage editor with feature set equivalent or far better than Dreamweaver? This would make NetBeans complete and nothing can touch it. I wonder will any one develop such a plugin?

NetBeans has enormous potential. Take over of Sun by Oracle did worry me. Oracle was all into developing eclipse, we thought NetBeans would be put to rest, instead I see NetBeans has migrated from 6.7 to 6.7.1 wich has JavaFx support for Linux. Thats great. One must see what wil happen to MySQL, if things don’t go smoothly we need to migrate to Postgre SQL.

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