Linux for small businesses

03 Aug

I never thought this would happen, but it did. I have always thought Indian business men would never budge to changing technology and tap its potential. Today one of my clients ( Amudha Civil Construction ) is running their office on Ubuntu Linux. I have always admired its owner Mr. Ilango. He seem to have an eye for new technology. Frustrated with viruses on Windows (one did crash his system totally, despite latest antivirus), he ordered me to load one of his system with Linux.

I did do it as a mark of friendship. I did expect him to say “common I don’t understand Linux, I am switching back to Windows”. But instead he seem to like it. My another task to make AutoCAD run on Linux. I am trying to do so by installing wine. Hope one day PyCAD over takes AutoCAD thus brings freedom to the world of computer aided design.

It will be great if many businesses move to free software. They can see their costs reduce, services improve, their employees will get more time to rest as they can do it quicker. If the user is frustrated with Linux, he can openly complain on a forum, which will most probably be responded and action could be taken. Every thing will be transparent and almost nothing will be a secret.

The lack of knowledge, intellectual inertia, are the main causes that cause todays bosses stick with the old ( main frames aren’t dead yet! ). As long as one gets money he or she does not worry about efficiency. They think changing a thing would bring instability to their business. In short many business has almost no info-tech advisors. Even if bosses do welcome it, they are extremely cost conscious thus scaring any company that would like to help them.

So lets see, in a  globalized world, where competiton gets tougher, we must see if Indian businesses keep up with tech upgraded western and south east asian companies or would slip down in fear of spending more.

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Posted by on August 3, 2009 in Free Software


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