Power from Sun – India’s Great Ambition

08 Aug

I was really happy when I heard that India has an ambitious project to power the nation with the help of Sun. Sunlight is clean, cheap and will last more than a billion years. I hope we are successful.

India’s ambitious plans aims to produce 20 Gigawatt of power from the Sun. More than 40% Indians have no access to electricity. The rest 60% have access to very poor electricity. Most of the time, the quality of power is bad or power is cut too often.

Its a much better move, this move could save the planet from global warming. It will make India a respectable nation and possibly an leader in solar energy. Nuclear energy is not a bad thing, but USA is using the nuclear bait to trap the nation and bring us under heir control. They are trying hard to make India sign the NPT which will be disastrous to our nuclear ambitions. Given aggressive neighbours like China, Pakistan and this world dominated by countries like USA and Russia which has nuclear capability to wipe out the entire planet, its unimaginable to make 1.2 billion Indians defenceless.

The funding of this massive solar power projects will be got from the rich nations says the government. Its a smart move. If they don’t fund the Indian solar ambition, the first world countries will be seen as irresponsible nations that don’t worry about global warming and rising human energy needs.

Apart from pursuing clean energy, India must reduce its own population. 6 billion humans for this planet is too much. 1 billion Indians is too much for this nation to bear.

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