Religious Misinterpratations

13 Aug

Its Krishna’s birthday today. I rose up from my slumber, hoping to pass the day peacefully. My mom had prepared உப்புமா and I wished to take it along with fish sos she had prepared a week ago ( South Indian fish sauce is like wine, it tastes better with age). To this my family members frowned upon me. ‘How cold one  eat fish sauce on a God’s birthday?’ was their query.

Well I could have proved once again God does not exist. God is a creation of man and not the other way around. First I am sick of proving God does not exist because theist seem to be ill-logicians. They seemed to have missed their science and philosophy class in school. It’s equivalent to barking back at at dog, or worst trying to suck blood out of a mosquito. So I took the other way.

Krishna was born in a royal family. As royals they need to protect their people and hence need to goto war.  சத்திரியன் they are  called are warriors. They according to Vedas are allowed o eat non vegetarian food. So there is a good chance that Krishna ate meat and possibly fish.

This explanation silenced my family members. So what others think of my act is left to open.

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One response to “Religious Misinterpratations

  1. Karthikeyan A K

    August 10, 2012 at 5:45 AM

    Well, yesterday was Krishana Jayanthi and I had eggs 🙂


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