God can be eliminated, but blind faith ?

17 Aug

It was in Nawaz Durbar Velacherry few days ago, two of my friends, one an atheist like me and another a theist and I had a meeting about a project. We were eating out our favorite biryani when the conversation ‘weather God exists or not?’ descended upon us. The theist was a tough cookie, fortunately for us he was a bit rationalist and open minded. He asked many questions, I pointed out many scientific facts, mostly about Darwin and his theory of evolution and how genetics has proved Darwin right and how he is regarded as exceptional thinker in scientific community.

The theist was impressed. And finally I said “God doesn’t exist'”, just hen the theist phone rang, the atheist took this opportunity and said “you see the phone is ringing when he said “God doesn’t exist” , this proves its the truth”. The theist face suggested that he really got converted to our side. Oh my God!

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Posted by on August 17, 2009 in Philosophy


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