India is not free yet

07 Oct

I am trying to log on to for couple of days and I have no succes. Then a shocking news arrived, Inid has banned the Pirate Bay. They still call and we still think we are free! How on earth a country can call itself free if its citizens are unable to share electronic data?

Pirate Bay is like a post man. You have a file in your machine, you want to share with the world, you create a torrent, any one who wants to download that file can do it so via bit-torrent client. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with that. Without The Pirate Bay, people have almost no access to transfer a large file from one machine to another. Surely the politicians, the bureaucrats, corrupt and pimps who rule us have bowed to huge money offered by Industries who like to ban the spread of knowledge and free thought and free information.

There must be a political movement in India. A political party like he Pirate party must be formed in India. It must be led by hackers and freedom activists who knows what is didgital life and living. It must be headed by people who value freedom and not money. Without it information access will become nex to impossible. In future blogs I will be writing about the progress of hackers effort to forge pirate party on this land.

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Posted by on October 7, 2009 in Electronic Freedom



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