Telugu People must reform themself

14 Oct

Recently I was in conversation with my friend who was a lecturer in one of  the top (but literally a waste) engineering colleges in Chennai. When asked about how the students do in their studies, her reply was negative. Most students despite their geography don’t do well, and some from the state of Andhrapradesh are attending engineering courses for dowry .

The people of Telugu seem not to care whether they pass, fail or understand engineering. All they want is their report card. When they get married they show it to the brides family and claim that they are engineers. Though their failures in many subjects are underlined in red, the bride’s family which will be relatively uneducated won’t be able to find out or will be unknowledgable to verify the authenticity of their claim, so they believe the grooms claim. Having (mis)proven that they are engineers, they would demand huge sums of dowry which they think marks their success and manhood.

My God! Looks like the world would be better if God did exist. First these people murder Engineering. Engineering is an excellent discipline that teaches a human to think, build machines and solve problems. A well trained engineer would surely be extremely successful in his life. Engineering has a soul and it must be honored and not murdered. And people who speak Telugu are in no doubt murdering it.

I really don’t know how I can stop it. All engineering colleges want money, money and money. Telugu students don’t hesitate to pay cash in black as college donation which surely goes unaccounted. They are a welcomed guest in Tamilnadu Engineering Colleges. Most private colleges in Tamilnadu seek money rather than merit of students. Very few like SSN college of engineering really strive to keep the spirit of engineering burn alive.

This trend worries me, I feel helpless. Engineering is a discipline and its disciplined people of science and logic should inherit it. If people who wishes money enters into it, all  that will happen to engineering is that what happened to politics. Today none respects a politician and possibly that is what will happen to engineers.

My personal question to Telgu parents and students who join educational course for dowry, do you really think prostitution is a good way of survival? Doesn’t something hurt you?

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Posted by on October 14, 2009 in Education


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