Common wealth games and Indian aristocratic madness

16 Oct

Games are important thing. They help us to  improve our fitness, boost up our competitiveness, makes a man a man and woman a woman. So whats wrong in common wealth games? Lets say Mr. Ragavan is a coolie and earns just Rs 100/-  a day. This doesnt meet the requirements of his family which is made up of his wife, mom and dad and whoppy 6 children! Yet being a man of pride one fine day Mr. Ragavan tells his friends that he is hosting them a treat that would cost minimum Rs 10,000/- . His friends gets exited and Ragavan feels thrilled by it. This is what exactly happens in India.

We are hosting the Common Wealth Games, spending hundreds of crores of public money. Yet 40% of Indians don’t have electricity. farmers commit suicide, children are malnourished, population is exploding beyond control, there is almost no quality free education, free medicine is practically absent.

What is the use of such a stupid games? Well simple, it will increase the real estate value of Delhi, this will enable business to make extra cash for the time being. This games has got money into the pockets of corrupt government officials and politicians who award tenders to construction companies and in name of infrastructure development put immense pressure on Delhi’s congested roads.

Many places in rural India do not have even a single sport facility, if government spends fraction of the cost that were spent in commonwealth, thousands of village children and youth will get a basic playground in their village. Yet the Indian aristocrats and rich would like to ignore the poor and concentrate on improving India’s image!? This is like a leper putting on a make up to look good and ignoring to treat his disease. Everything is purely cosmetic and nothing else.

Indians are becoming as foolish like Americans of the United States. We must look at Cuba for example. A country crippled by sanctions, it offers free quality education and free medicine to its entire population. Though claiming as a super power ( in reality its a great lie ), India is unable to achieve the things that are achieved by that tiny nation.

Politicians and aristocrats must think of feeding, educating and uplifting India. Instead they are busy paining India in golden color.

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