Stupid diwali Dialogs – and their replies

17 Oct

OK, this blog is about how one gets bugged by relatives and friends on diwali. Given below are questions and answers that you can use to reply bugs who bug you on diwali

Q. How are you?

A. Dead for 1732 years.

Q. How did you celebrate Diwali?

A. By observing silence

Q. What sweets you had today?

A. If I knew I’ll be talking with a big mouth like you, I would have taken cyanide.

Q. How was Diwali?

A. dark as a dungeon

Q. Did you burst crackers?

A. For a change I quenched them.

Q. Did you watch TV?

A. No today I blind folded myself

Advice: Happy Diwali

A. Oh thanks! I thought we must cry during Diwali

Finally: bye

A. Thanks a lot, I have taped this conversation, so never again I want such a meaningful dialog

And the bug who buged us feels (s)he has delivered a Winston Churchill’s speech, and filled with knowledge, ends the conversation with a big smile. Good grief 😦

After hearing such a great knowledgable dialog, I am still alive to write this blog.

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