Ubuntu 9.10 may beat Windows

18 Oct

According to the Ubuntu team, it has beaten Windows. What? But windows occoupies nearly 90% of all desktop computers, how can you beat it so easily? Well there are more ants on this planet than humans. This doesn’t make ants superior to us. does it?

Every day the usage of GNU Linux, especially Ubuntu is growing. Ubuntu has dispelled the myth that Gnu Linux is hard to use. The thing I feel that will make Ubuntu excel over windows are as follows

  1. Ubuntu Philosophy : To know what is Ubuntu Philosophy click here
  2. Stability  : Ubuntu is a version of Gnu Linux, Linux is extremely stable compared to Windows. If you own a Linux computer, you can run it for days without restarting. Linux is nearly 2 times as fast as Windows, even if you enable shiny desktop effects
  3. Security : Gnu Linux rarely gets infected by virus, worms or Trojans, practically Linux your computer will get infected with a virus after you get struck by lightning 7 times. Though there are anitvirus software for Linux, almost none use them.
  4. Updates : To get windows updates you need to get a paid version of Windows. If you don’t your computer wont get updated properly. In Ubuntu updates are 100% free. None needs to pay a paise for it.
  5. Support : Ubuntu has large support base. You can goto to ask for help, volunteers around the world who support software and information freedom will be more than glad to help you
  6. Bug reporting : If you get a little smart with Ubuntu, you can spot errors in the way Ubuntu works. These are called bugs in software. You can report these bugs in Ubuntu bugreporting system which is available at
  7. Your ideas come to life : Have an great idea to improve ubuntu, you can brainstorm about it with Ubuntu users at , if you post an idea, it will be put to vote. Ubuntu users all over the world will comment and vote upon it. If your idea receives a great majority, it will be considered b the Ubuntu development team and could be made into reality.

These are some qualities I think will greatly propel Ubuntu to zenith. So give it a try.

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Posted by on October 18, 2009 in Free Software


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