Mockery in Pallikaranai Government Higher Secondary School

21 Oct

When it comes to quality cost effective education, the Indian government isn’t a single point better than sucking. This is a fact that’s happening in Pallikaranai Government Higher Secondary School.

It’s essential that proper computer education must be provided to pupils. Its the pupils right to have it and their rights are being denied. That school has a small computer lab, with less than 10 terminals for a class of 70 students plus. This computer lab is locked almost the entire year, its opened only a week before exams, even then the students are thought nothing. The fact is the students don’t even get regular computer science theory classes.

A question arises, how does the students pass the practical programming test? Simple! The teachers over there provide miniature photocopy sheets (or bits as they are commonly called) to students to copy. The last year it was even worst, the students had to prepare their own bits. No student there seems to know even a single programming language, I wonder weather they know what programming is?

Another joke that goes on there is in the subjects of Mathematics. The Maths teacher over there hasn’t taken a single class for years. No one knows here he goes during the Maths period, he would be absent from his Math class and would be no where in the staff room. He would be absent even in the parents teachers meetings.

I wonder how could India dream of becoming a pinnacle in Information and Computer technology when it has no basement or supporting structure. Clearly Indian politicians are fooling the world that they have best manpower. Isn’t this cheating? Shouldn’t we stick to truth rather than seek false prestige?

The students there want the following

  • Change the Math teacher who is (not) taking classes for 11th and 12th standard. That guy is absolute waste.
  • Appoint a proper teacher who teaches computer science lessons well
  • Have a good computer lab. A lab with less than 20 computer’s for a class of 70 plus students is worth not to have
  • There is no library! Its better to have one

I wonder why (Tamilnadu) government that’s so rich in giving Television sets to all poor families is so poor when it comes to providing basic rights to its budding citizens. The next time when a politician says ‘India is great’, or ‘பொற்கால ஆட்சி’ or ‘Incredible India’, rather than throwing a shoe at him, we must not hesitate to give a direct kick on his jaw with a spiked shoe.

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Posted by on October 21, 2009 in Education, Politics


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