Hat’s off to DMK’s persistence

05 Nov

In a recent speech, M.K.Stalin stressed that it is essential that pupil in Tamilnadu to learn in Tamil rather than English. He also stressed that people in Germany and Japan are  far  more productive because they understand what they learn, rather than learn or marks and money. Unfortunately he was addressing to Tamilians in Tamilnadu who are mostly greedy brainless blockheads and wouldn’t hesitate to wipe clean a white man’s floor with their tongue if he showed them pounds and dollars.

In such a greed infested country, it’s really nice to see some one or a group of people striving to keep Tamil on track. It’s a great thing. Tamilnadu has set many examples in Indian history, it was here God was challenged by Nakeeran, and finally God was eliminated from hearts of millions by Periyar who made his mission to wipe out ignorance. It was here Congress suffered first defeat against DMK. it was here caste system was crushed on a mass scale (though not completely) , and I think it’s here we will finally get liberated from a foreign language.

The thought, the idea, the spark is here. What we need to do is to increase the ferocity of the attack. All government boards must bear symbols in Tamil. Government forms must contain no foreign language. All government exams must e conducted in Tamil. If you like Tamil, speak with others in Tamil, write in Tamil. Then why me write this blog in English? Unfortunately because people like  you exist. Once people like you are eliminated, I will be forced to write my blogs in Tamil.

Any way DMK is keeping the spirit of free Tamil burning. hats off to it.

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Posted by on November 5, 2009 in Education, Politics, Tamil


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