Diving into Ruby on Rails

08 Nov

Like Linux, ruby seems to be infectious. I started with Ruby when I got serious about Artificial Intelligence. I haven’t written my AI program with Ruby though, but helped my mom by writing a student ranking system with Ruby. Amazingly the code along with comment occupied only 32 lines. I don’t have mood to expand the program now, but if I feel so I will expand it.

Being a professional LAMP, my Sikes aimed at Rails. Amazing stories about it flowed in the Internet. I don’t really think Ruby is a magic bullet, but its one of the best web frameworks available to a programmer.Having Ruby infected me, I am now aiming to get infected with Rails. And indeed it has gripped me. I am doing almost nothing but to dive into rails and am skipping my bath and meals to get my hands dirty.

Ruby is an excellent programming language, there must be no doubt about it. Ya one would argue it isn’t perfect. Nothing is perfect. Are you perfect? Really the guy who created Rails gave a real thought about it. I hope I can add value o myself and my organization by learning Rails.

For those who scream that PHP is the best, just roll back 5 years from now. At that time DotNet and JSP were screaming at the top of the mountain, PHP was consider a toy, where are they now?

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Posted by on November 8, 2009 in Web Tech


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