Got something into my head

27 Nov

As the experts say, you cant get Ruby on Rails at the first run. Got the book Agile Web Development with Rails by Dave Thompson, read it, all examples worked perfectly, but everything looks like magic. There is plenty under the hood when it comes to ROR and you are totally abstracted while you build your web application(s). I still have to understand the 80% of what I read.

There almost no need to write Javascript, no worry about cross browser compatibility. Ajax works perfect, you can make your application work fine in Javascript disabled web browsers. As with any technology, the success of the platform is measured by what could be launched from it. We are planning for a ROR application, when time is right we will launch it and see if it makes an impact.


Posted by on November 27, 2009 in Ruby On Rails, Web Tech


2 responses to “Got something into my head

  1. purushottam roy

    November 15, 2011 at 6:02 PM

    karthikeyan i am a fresher recently completed my B.E and currently a ruby on rails trainee programmer in a smal, i want to know if ruby on rails is the right thing to opt for is there growth(money) for ruby on rails developer…plsss help me yaar very much concerned aboutu the future of ruby on rails..and does big companies like infosys,tcs,wipro are gonna adopt ruby on rails……

    • karthikeyanblogs

      November 15, 2011 at 6:18 PM

      Ruby on rails has excellent scope abroad than in India, google for Ruby on Rails jobs and you will get many websites.


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