What a waste!

10 Dec

I wanted to write about this for long, I have got some time now to do so. It was nearly 3 months ago, my driver went for a temple, on that morning he had milked his cows and he said to me that it was about 1 Kudam (I think it’s 10 liters), since it was time to goto the temple which was situated in his native, he had taken that milk to the temple and offered it to pour on the Gods statue. All that milk had been wasted. I couldn’t believe he did this. He has been with me for a while, I  thought some rationality has crept in him. I felt I had failed miserably.

One glass of milk is 250 ml, and ten liters will contain 40 glasses of milk. Wont it be better if 40 children had nourishment with this milk? I really wonder, if I were God ,I would have constructed my disciples to be more rational.

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Posted by on December 10, 2009 in Philosophy


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