Dynamic Democracy

31 Jan

How many times have seen a politician do something and have thought ‘this is the stupidest thing a human could ever do’? If you are one that kind, this article is for you.

Currently we follow a system called democracy in which we vote a politician who can stay afloat for five years. He or she has ample time to commit a crime or loot the nation in first part of his or her tenure, then (s)he can use the rest of his/her tenure to cover up his loot. During the election (s)he can spend a portion of his or her loot to come back to power and cycle goes on and on.

The fact is a normal guy or gal has almost no power to stop a politician who is in power. There must be a system to vote out a politician who does mistakes and vote in one who you choose. People must have the right to change politicians at their will rather than to be at the mercy of election commission. Our democracy must be more dynamic.

In Dynamic Democracy(DD) if you find a politician doing a crack thing, all you have to do is to goto a near by polling booth (in DD polling booths will be like ATM’s, opened 24X7), he needs to get his/her identity checked in a automated way (possibly using some biometric method), if valid the system allows the guy / gal to vote. The person can change his vote to another candidate to choose to vote nobody. The person who gets maximum vote at a time is informed tat he is the leader. Automated dismissal order could be sent to person who has lost majority.

Dynamic Democracy give power to people and makes a politician what he deserves to be i.e servant to the people of this nation, it instantly punishes politicians who does mistakes (or disobeys the will of people) and rewards one with good ideas (or who convinces people to vote for him).

Some times situation might arise in which most vote for nobody, in that case election commission must act and put more candidates for the people to choose.

Personally I feel if implemented properly, Dynamic Democracy can solve some problems that our nation faces. Hope it does not enable politicians to find a new way to loot.


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