Killing of Dogs

05 Feb

One of my friends posted a link on Facebook, it was a mourning for dogs that have been killed by the corporation authorities in Besant Nagar, hand of St. Johns school was behind it.

Well as usual animal welfare groups opposed the killing and wanted to drag the school to court. They said killing is immoral and illegal. Well it might be illegal as I think the stupid government has passed a law not to kill dogs, the law makers credibility analysis is another issue. Lets now come to the morality of this thing.

OK, first the dogs had troubled children, they might have tried to intrude the school campus during lunch time. When they did so where were the animal rights activist? Second, the dogs would have carried on disease which might be passed to children, did the animal rights activist vaccinate all street dogs? When classes were going on, the dogs would have barked and disturbed it, did animal rights activist tell them to shut up?

These animal activist could have adopted these dogs as their pets, why didn’t they do so? If they did none of those dogs wouldn’t have been killed. Are all these activist vegetarian? What use those dogs would have done to the society if they exist?

These dogs are born one day, they live and die. Well thats what all humans do, but…. Oops 😦

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Posted by on February 5, 2010 in Philosophy


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