India should not talk with Pakistan

06 Feb

Pakistan and  its terror outfit Lakshar E Taiba (LeT) has offered to hold talks with India. Why should India accept this offer? For 60 years we have talked, yet in every moment of peace Pakistan has reinforced its terror outfit to be better able to strike India.

Almost all talks with Pakistan has been a complete failure. All these bloody Paks need is time to reinforce their terror groups. Ans this bloody Sayeed Salauddin, the man behind Kashmir terrorism, he must be killed. Why should India hold talks with a man who has killed 1000’s of its citizens?

I would like to praise BJP rule in which Vajpyee led government successfully kicked Pakistan by waging a war. This government is weak in many issues, it has surrendered to USA and lost its rights to test a nuclear bomb, now it may once again lose the little dignity this nation has by talking with a nation of professional killers.

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Posted by on February 6, 2010 in Politics


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