Governor got to be kidding

24 Feb

Wednesday 24 February 2010 08:48:59 AM IST

Just saw paper today, went thru the headlines. The governor Surjith Singh Barnala said that scouts should be made compulsory for school kids. What? this literally sucks.

In our nation we talk a lot about child labor and people enslaving children, but we stand and watch as schools enslave our nextgen. When I was a kid, I was forced to attend republic day and independence day. None cared for my independence and even if I tried to protest it, my family would think I am doing it to skip school.

The issue is simple. If some one take porn pictures of a child and abuse their rights, he or she is put behind bars. If some one abuse the right and will of a child in a sugar coated way he / she is let out of our memory. Child abuse is child abuse. It doesn’t matter if its tiny or huge in proportion. I wonder who gave rights to a person / humanity to forcefully wake me up on republic and independence day and pull me to school ground.

Adults abused in Panimalar Engineering college

This talk isn’t complete if I fail to mention about my college The Paimalar Enginering College or jail. We were in the first year, there was this sports day and staffs pulled us out of class room for march past practice. I couldn’t believe it. What could be given as a option was done by reigning fear into our hearts. There is no point in revolting, despite many requests the management puts up a blind eye and deaf ear. I don’t regard them as sensible humans.

My request to reader’s is, if you are a parent don’t put your child in Jeppiar  institution, better kill your son or daughter instead. If you are a student don’t join Jeppiar colleges. If your are forced to join by your guardian or parents contact me 9444018524 or , I will talk to them and try convince them by telling truth. The rest is your fate.

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